Our Tuesday evening Culture Group has moved!

We now meet at 1015 Jackson Street, from 7pm – still with a focus on the Presence of God.

We’ll be starting a new teaching on A Culture Of Honor.

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  • Pat Driver

    it was good to hear Pastor Pete discribe you beginnings…about how you never planned to create a “church” environment. But how God made that happen because its part of this community. I personally don’t know anything about you-all. But you say you’re tied in with Bethel Church in Redding. That may be meaningful, or not.
    God knows my heart was broken when my mother was forced to move away when she is 98 years old. I trust He will take excellent care of my mother, and FINISH BUILDING THE WONDERFUL MANSION HE HAS PROMISED TO BUILD FOR HIS BELOVED.
    I don’t have any opinion anymore, about Jesus. Except that He is Lord, of all. I know that. But, I used to think we were friends. I don’t have an opinion of that anymore. Hmmm
    Patricia Driver/Red Bluff,CA